A hobby from my youth has evolved into my profession over the past 30 years.  The practical training and the use of different techniques along with my studies have made me the photographer I am today. My intuition and vision have developed to meet different kinds of photographic challenges including modern digital photography.

Ecological concerns have become an important part of my work.  For example, transferring images digitally through computers and mobile phones reduces the need to print images.  Reducing the use of chemicals and paper is one way to help save the environment.

Over 100.000 visitors from all over the world have visited my web pages since I first made them in 2003. This update of the pages celebrates my 30 years´ career as a photographer.  The images at this site tell you also a small part of my history as a world travelling photojournalist or photoartist and there is much more to come...

Pictures in these pages represent mostly my work as a photo artist. Also wedding pictures filled with emotions and humor are fine works of art.  My other services (listed in Finnish) more as a professional photographer are behind just one click: www.valokuvamaailma.fi

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Over 30 years of photographic challenges

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Two swans and ice floats in Ölmos by Kemiö island 2003.

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